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After becoming fascinated with entertainment during my first job at Blockbuster Video, I begain working in technology for numerous entertainment companies including 20th Century Fox, TV Guide and Cirque Du Soleil.  I eventually wanted to turn the camera on myself and find a way to help others.  I started LordanArts and began playing around with different content types and formats on YouTube in 2013.  In 2015, I found what I had been seeking my whole life. 



In 2015 I started BrainScratch, a YouTube show dedicated to looking into unsolved mysteries, and bringing a voice of reason to sometimes unreasonable or hard to believe conversations.  A staple of BrainScratch is that I take the audience through my research piece by piece, so they can understand where my conclusions are coming from and make their own as well.

This would lead to Searchlight, a show that used the same BrainScratch "filmed research" method to highlight missing persons cases.  This had led to some of the hardest and most fulfilling work of my career.  Families with missing loved ones are now in regular contact with me, sometimes coming on the show to share their information and insights.

Many of the stories I cover do not have endings, and when they do they frequently aren't what most would consider happy endings, so I started Case Cracked.  Case Cracked focuses on solved cases, and what was the method or evidence that was key in solving that case.

In 2018 I partnered up with fellow True Crime YouTuber Danelle Hallan and started a monthly podcast called Crime After Crime.  Every episode is based on a particular topic, and Danelle and myself each tell a crime story related to that topic.  The audience then votes on who is the winner of that episode.

In 2019 another collaboration started.  3 Men and a Mystery is a deep dive investigative podcast.  Each season we review one case and feature information and experts to bring the audience as close to the crime scene as possible.  It is hosted by myself, Gray Hughes and Mike Morford.



If you have a case suggestion that we haven't previously covered on the channel, please follow this link and let me know about it.




One of the great priveleges I've found in this work is the ability to meet other people that want to help people as well.  I've been interviewed on numerous podcasts, radio shows and have had a few television appearances.  I'm also honored to be one of the first YouTubers to be hosted by CrimeCon and was on a panel at the AISOCC conference in 2019 discussing how social media can help cases.


In Gone At Midnight, author Jake Anderson details his investigation into the Elisa Lam case including coming into the world of online sleuthing and finding me and my work.

You can also check out the audiobook version of "Wraithworks," a fictional book about a True Crime YouTuber who investigates a deadly conspiracy.  I did consulting on the story, as well as produced and narrated the audiobook.  Now available at Audible and iTunes.

Please stop by the LordanArts website to learn more about my YouTube channel, or you can see what I've done outside of YouTube on my IMDB profile.

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